Johnny Knoxville as Irving Zisman - Irving Zisman - Let's Not - Quote

Irving Zisman – Let’s Not – Quote

Let’s not make this all about you honey Johnny Knoxville as Irving Zisman in Bad Grandpa This quote is more of a punchline to a scene in the film, but presumably, it’s an ad-libbed line which, when heard in context, elevates it to a greater height.

hugh laurie blackadder goes forth im scared - Hugh Laurie - Lieutenant George - I'm Scared - Quote

Hugh Laurie – Lieutenant George – I’m Scared – Quote

I’m Scared Lieutenant George The most poignant line in the whole of series 4. It slams the on the handbrake, whilst you are still laughing from the last illustration of absurdity. Read More at How Blackadder Goes Forth captured the absurd tragedy of war Lieutenant George was played by Hugh Laurie in ‘Blackadder Goes Forth’.…

nol3t - Hank Hill - Secrets - Quote

Hank Hill – Secrets – Quote

They were your secrets for you to keep Hank Hill from ‘King of the Hill’ Series 03 Episode 13 Khan moans about spreading secrets, but was the one who started the spreading.

stephen beresford - Ivan Plapp - Brilliant

Ivan Plapp – Brilliant

Is something brilliant happening? Ivan Plapp In more enlightened times, Ivan’s lifetime would be spent polishing coals with his eyes in a trench of lampreys, on behalf of a demented serf rapist. This being 2005, Plapp is Commissioning Head of Spectacular Reality at Channel 7, the cutting-edge TV station at the forefront of knife-in-the-soul television,…