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Ivan Plapp

stephen beresford - Ivan Plapp - Brilliant

In more enlightened times, Ivan’s lifetime would be spent polishing coals with his eyes in a trench of lampreys, on behalf of a demented serf rapist. This being 2005, Plapp is Commissioning Head of Spectacular Reality at Channel 7, the cutting-edge TV station at the forefront of knife-in-the-soul television, thanks to a policy that doesn’t simply bow down before the most cloud-brained demographic imaginable, but wheedles and begs to be kicked on the bridge of the nose. From “Best Commissioning Newcomer 2002”, Plapp proceeded to win 39 awards for his tireless work re-inventing all conceivable notions of television by seizing ideas, plucking out the interesting bits, caking the remains in tinsel and shit and then broadcasting them to massive personal acclaim.

Ivan Plapp played by Stephen Beresford in Nathan Barley.